Lawn Care

Here at Serenity Lawn and Landscape we make it our mission to give you the best lawn care service in Boise Idaho. It is important to us not only to make sure that your grass is always green and well kept, but to maintain the overall health of the lawn.

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We take your lawn very seriously that is why we use only the best equipment possible. many other larger mowers can leave tire ruts in your yard around turns and edges with smart professionals combined with the best mowers we can make sure you are getting the best lawn care in Boise, ID.

in addition to making sure that your lawn is in optimal shape. By not only taking care of the mowing of the grass but also the trimming, blowing and maintenance or the gutters we can make sure that your curb appeal is at its highest state.

Serenity Lawn and Landscape has a lawn care service in boise for every budget. from regular mowing, trimming, and blowing to a comprehensive lawn care package with fertilizing, lawn aeration, and shrub maintenance please give us a call and ask us any questions we might have we are here to serve you.

Call us at 230-1199 with and let us answer your questions.